Odvetniška pisarna Kovačič in Mlinar - kazensko pravo, delovno pravo 013

Črt Šatej

Criminal law, labor law, civil law
Odvetniški pisarni Kovačič in Mlinar Črt Šatej - Civilno pravo, gospodarsko pravo, delovno pravo

In May 2012, he graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana. The title of his thesis is “Acquisition of Property Rights of Real Estate by Aliens”. During the Faculty of Law Day in 2012 he was awarded the “Zlata listina Pravne Fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani”. After graduating he was employed as a judicial trainee by the Court of Second Instance in Ljubljana. He began his employment in July of 2012 and by December 2014 he passed the State Bar exam. He joined dr. Blaz Kovacic Mlinar’s law office as an attorney candidate in September 2015.

He is fluent in Italian and English, passively speaks Croatian.

Areas of work: Criminal law, labor law, civil law